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Confidential legal advice specific to your needs from the privacy of your own home, car or backyard

Confidential divorce was conceptualized after 20+ years solely in the practice of matrimonial and family law in the State of New York.  I recognized the need for individuals to obtain legal information prior to committing to the divorce process.

The preparation you do and legal advice you obtain prior to making any decisions on proceeding with a divorce will empower you to make smart decisions at the optimal time to protect your legal interests and safeguard your financial and custodial rights.

Often over the past 20+ years, people have consulted with me in person after making decisions against their legal best interest and they may have already damaged their custody or financial case.

Additionally, often your spouse has consulted with an attorney and is doing everything they need to better their legal standing while leaving you dangling in the wind.

Further, over the years it is clear many people do not want to be seen going into a lawyer’s office for fear their family, friends or spouse may discover they have done so when they are not sure they are ready to get divorce and are simply seeking legal advice to help guide their future decisions.  Maybe they have learned their spouse is having an affair, but they are not ready to end their marriage, or their spouse has drug, alcohol or mental health issues.  They may be financially dependent and supported by their spouse and fearful if they are found to have seen an attorney they will be cut off. Some have no childcare, and many are physically and/or mental abused and scared to physically see an attorney.

Now during COVID-19 financials are a concern and paying a huge retainer or consultation fee may not be possible at this time. That is where The Confidential Divorce comes in.  I will give you confidential legal advice specific to your needs from the privacy of your own home, car, backyard, etc.

Fee Structure:

  • $400 per consultation
  • Confidential and private from the comfort of your own home, car or backyard
  • A consultation ranges from thirty minutes to an hour and is tailored to your financial and custodial specifics
  • New York State only
  • No commitment for attorney to be retained

Statement of Client’s Rights

NYS only.